Shore Excursions


We have over a decade of experience operating and running cruise ship shore excursions in more than 72 countries. We have managed single nationality and international cruises in several markets like the British, French, Swedish, Australian, Greek, Portuguese and others. We are ready to handle single cruises or back to back operations. Whether Norway in Northern Europe, the classic Mediterranean or Asian destinations, each part of the globe has their own requirements that require special attention. Let us also help you with new and exciting ports that have never been explored. Where do you want to go?

We are available to provide services not only to cruise ships or yachts, but as well to local operators, ports and tourism offices.


In a fast-developing industry, establishing a difference is crucial. Operating a new port of call comes with challenges and concerns about reaching the best outcome of the operation. A good organization makes all the difference in the overall success of the cruise operation. ABT – Ana Bespoke Tours provides a high-quality service that surveys not only the place to be visited, local interests and their potential but also takes into consideration the operation as a whole from the cruise line perspective: is it a good pier? Does it provide good disembarkation conditions? Are local facilities able to accommodate the passengers carried by the vessel? We not only analyze the appeal and viability of the shore excursions but look at all aspects of the operation, doing our utmost to anticipate all issues that may arise in such call.


More and more cruise lines have passengers returning and that tends to increase. At most destinations, what is proposed is the usual and classic shore excursions programme. It is quite a challenge to create a new product that attracts, pleases and increases onboard revenue. With the increasing diversity of passengers, it is extremely challenging to plan a programme that will attract and satisfy all. With our worldwide experience in shore excursions, we have a keen ability to identify unexplored destinations and create new exciting products, that other local agents have never considered, but that present a huge potential for a successful product.

Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a destination.”

Roy M. Goodman